International Cat Day- Day of your Meow Meow baby

If you are a cat parent then you already know that every day is a cat day. Because you don’t own a cat. Cat owns you. 😉
But did you know that there is one day dedicated just to your furry baby?
You heard that right. The International Fund for Animal Welfare founded International Cat Day in 2002. Since then it is celebrated every year on 8th August. If only cats could read I am sure they would have broken into a happy dance. 😻
Since cats are so popular, many countries have their own National Cat Day. That includes: 

  • National Cat Day in the United States is celebrated on October 29th. Just so it happens US has the largest cat population in the world. 
  • In Japan, Cat Day is celebrated on February 22nd. Japanese consider cats as the symbol of good luck.
  • National Cat Day is on 1st March in Russia. Same as Japanese, Russians also believe cats bring good luck. Before moving into a new home, they let a cat go into their home for good fortune. 
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Do cats need this celebration?

You must be wondering is there really a need for an International Cat Day? We are already giving them shelter and food and love. Is there more? 😳
Before we come to any conclusion let’s look into a few facts on why cats deserve to celebrate this day:

  • Having a cat around is great for your mental health. A cat can help in reducing anxiety, making heart rate steady, and decrease the risk of stroke.
  • Cats are amazing as companions. Adopting this furry baby is going to bring an endless amount of joy to your family. 
  • Have you ever wondered why your cat keeps rubbing his/her’s face and body on you? That’s because they are marking you as their territory. 
  • Just like human fingerprints, a cat’s nose also has a unique pattern. How cool is that?
  • Not to mention cats keep you entertained with their funny behavior when they are not busy breaking and destroying stuff.

So I hope by now I have convinced you to celebrate International Cat Day or should I keep talking? 😉

International Cat Day
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How can you make this day special for your cat?

When you are a cat mom or cat dad, you always want to make your baby feel loved. Let’s continue to make them feel special on their day too. 
Here are a few things you can do on this International Cat Day:

Adopt a cat from a nearby shelter

Even if you don’t own a cat you can still celebrate International Cat Day by giving a lovely home to a furry baby who needs it most. 
If you can’t adopt a cat, you can volunteer some of your time at a local shelter. You can offer your help to play with cats, helping them to get adopted.

Get your cat a collar with its own name, your contact number, and a GPS cat tracker

If your cat does not have a collar then this is a good time to get one. Because your furry baby is just so cute and perfect. And you are not the only one who thinks this way. GPS cat tracker can help in saving your cat from those “friendly” people.

Watch a movie with your furry baby

If your cat loves to watch movies, you can spend your time watching some all-time favorite movies. 
If I may, I would like to recommend The Secret Life of Pets if you are planning to watch a movie with your cat.

International Cat Day
Image source Unsplash

Buy your cat a new toy

Whenever you get your furry baby a new toy, a treat, or a special cat tree, they are going to thank you with lots of happy purring.

Arrange a photoshoot for your cat

There is a fun fact about cat parents, they love showing off their furry baby. If you are also one of them, then why not have a photoshoot?

Now you all know about International Cat Day and how you can celebrate it. Well, there is nothing much left to do, except for one thing.
Please let us know how you celebrated International Cat Day in the comment section. Also, share the photos of your furry babies. I can’t wait to see them. 😍

“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.” – Bill Dana

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