How the E-Commerce industry saw an opportunity during a pandemic…

As we know many sectors like real estate and others faced losses during pandemic on another hand the E-Commerce industry saw an opportunity during pandemic.

 E-Commerce saw an opportunity during a pandemic

As we know before the pandemic the E-Commerce industry was moving in a very slow phase.

The E-Commerce industry saw an opportunity during a pandemic and penetrated the market. Earlier their growth was only 4.5 %. But now it has been increased drastically. Startups and small businesses who have chosen this new digital platform were able to survive during this period. Rather than those who were practicing the traditional methods of doing offline businesses. And occurred loss or even had to shut down their business.

 E-Commerce saw an opportunity during a pandemic
Image source-World Bank Blogs

 The above graph showcases the google trends of E-Commerce companies during pandemic situations between March and May. For Brick and Morter businesses, online platforms have become a necessity if they want to thrive their business and in today’s time, there is a huge demand for digital platforms to promote their businesses.

Advantages of E-Commerce

  • Cost reduction
  • Gives flexibilty to customers
  • 24X7 store availability
  • Option of product and price comparision
  • Faster response to buyer
  • Advertising and Marketing becomes affordable
  • Wide product range
  • Convinient and totally safe
  • Saves time

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By establishing your business online you’re breaking all the geographical boundaries. One can sell their product across any country on the globe. No more traditional business boundaries to practice in your business model. Even one can plan their product strategy. By getting their consumer data through email, phone, and can do an online survey on consumer preferences. That want they want in their product and can upgrade it to the customer level satisfaction.

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If you are also following the brick and mortar model for your business then it’s time to move a step further near digital platforms. Order more quantities of stock and grow your E-Commerce store by expanding your marketing budget to capture as much as the market you are able to acquire for your business.

Read more by Jaspreet Singh